Service Officer

     Bob Cullen

NARFE Chapter 1747 Service Officer perform valuable service in supporting chapter members, their families and survivors over a broad range of topics.  Most importantly, our Service Officer is there to help individual NARFE members, their families or survivors take the proper actions to obtain and retain their annuities as well as their health and federal group life insurance benefits.  Our Service Officer can also provide information and assistance on a wide range of subjects including Social Security questions, federal and state income taxes as related to federal annuities and withholding, change of beneficiary, address changes for delivery of pension checks, and provide information to active employees contemplating retirement.

Chapter 1747 has one Service Officer (listed above) who is ready to assist NARFE members with their questions and problems.

To contact a Service Officer by e-mail, click here.

E-mail addresses and phone numbers of all our officers and committee chairs appear on the last page of our newsletter.

Elected Officers

     President               Frank Lee    
     1st Vice President      Jerry Kursban
     2nd Vice President      vacant
     Secretary               vacant
     Treasurer               Vanessa Washington    
     Assistant Treasurer     vacant

Committees Chairs

     Federal Legislation     Jerry Kursban
     State Legislation       Ed Bice
     Membership              Executive Board
     Newsletter Production   Vanessa Washington
     Programs                Executive Board
     Public Relations        vacant
     Sergeant-at-Arms        vacant
     Service Officer         vacant

Activity Coordinators

     Alzheimer's Fund          Ed Bice
     Community Events          Ed Bice (Bowie)
                               Louise Cole (Odenton)
                               Donna Minner (Crofton)
     Meeting Sign-In/Greeter   Faye Miner and Dennis Evans
     NARFE-Net Coordinator     Howard (Flash) Gordon
     NARFE-PAC                 Ed Bice
     Photographer              Frank Lee
     Social Media Coordinator  vacant
     Sunshine                  Jackie Wilson

Distinguished Annuitant of the Year

     1998 George Jones
     1999 Sylvania Krasney
     2000 Calvin Dorn
     2001 Ruth Kluth
     2002 Mary Catloth
     2003 Doris Gordon
     2004 Dave Galliart, Tom Page and Jackie Calloway
     2005 Paul Schuette
     2006 Roger Leonard
     2007 Mayer Weinblatt
     2008 Dorothy Campbell
     2009 Al Golato and Ed Bice
     2010 Barbara Wheatley
     2011 Bob Cullen
     2012 Jessica Forman
     2013 Louise Cole
     2014 Howard Gordon
     2015 Dorothy Bice
     2016 Frank Lee

Chapter Presidents, 1980 Thru Present

     Ben Zitomer          Apr 1980 - Dec 1980
     Donald Swan          Jan 1981 - Dec 1982
     Alex Kopstein        Jan 1983 - Dec 1984
     Harold Gross         Jan 1985 - Jun 1986
     A. James Golato      Jul 1986 - Jun 1988
     Marty Milrod         Jul 1988 - Jun 1990
     Don Enty             Jul 1990 - Jun 1991
     Bill Schmidt         Jul 1991 - Jun 1993
     Malcolm Robertson    Jul 1993 - Apr 1994
     Sherman Krasney      May 1994 - Jun 1995
     Wilhelm Schmidt      Jul 1995 - Jun 1997
     Sherman Krasney      Jul 1997 - Jun 1998
     Mary Catloth         Jul 1998 - Jun 2001
     Paul Schuette        Jul 2001 - Jun 2003
     Maria Ritzman        Jul 2003 - Sep 2004
     Ed Bice              Oct 2004 - Jun 2009
     Dorothy Campbell     Jul 2009 - Jun 2013
     Jerry Kursban        Jul 2013 - Jun 2017
     Frank Lee            Dec 2017 - present

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