Where can CSRS and FERS employees, retirees and survivors get this help they sometimes need? Contact NARFE.

Who can help CSRS and FERS employees, retirees and survivors obtain, understand and, in many cases, decide what to do with the information they seek? Contact NARFE.

Whether one has questions concerning the CSRS or the FERS, NARFE is there to help. From the professional staff at NARFE headquarters, to willing volunteers in your local NARFE chapter, to the knowledgeable members who staff the nearest NARFE Service Center, help is available.

CSRS and FERS employees, retirees and survivors have similar questions and concerns. The federal government provides two excellent retirement plans for its employees, former employees, retirees and survivors. NARFE is the organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing both of these retirement. Systems. It is NARFE who works with the Congress and the federal agencies to assure that all CSRS and FERS employees, retirees and survivors get the information they need, the service they deserve, and fair treatment in the process.

NARFE Helps the Federal Family

Whether covered by the Civil Service Retirement system (CSRS) or the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), federal employees, federal retirees and their survivors need NARFE.

Why NARFE? Because, for more than 80 years, NARFE has been the only organization committed to ensuring a secure future for all federal workers and their families. NARFE was founded in 1921, a year after the enactment o the Civil Service Retirement Act. In the mid-1980s, NARFE played a major role in the design and enactment of the Federal Employees Retirement system to integrate the defined benefit of the CSRS with Social Security. That new law also established the Thrift Savings Plan.

Over the years, NARFE has provided legislative leadership and expert counseling in virtually every area of federal government income and insurance. The benefit programs that NARFE protects and promotes include:

How Does NARFE Do It?

NARFE’s professional staff, backed by an active grass-roots membership, works with the Congress, and administration and the federal agencies to assure and improve the rights and benefits of employees and annuitants. NARFE legislative goals include the following:

Retirement Income

Social Security

Federal Employees Health Benefits Program


Long-Term Care

NARFE is proud of its past achievements.

NARFE is committed to its goals for the future. And always, NARFE’s success relies on an informed and active membership.

Whether the Civil Service Retirement System or the Federal Employees Retirement system covers your retirement, you need NARFE to protect your benefits and to voice your interests and concerns. NARFE needs you to join in our efforts to ensure that the benefits you earn as an employee are secure for you and your family in retirement.  Ours is the only organization that has you and your families best interest as our main goal.

Make a solid investment in your future. Join NARFE Now!

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