Bowie Memorial Day Parade, May 2011

Donna Minner, Ed Bice and Dorothy Bice

Leading the Chapter 1747 parade unit are, left to right: Donna Minner, Ed Bice and Dorothy Bice. Behind them are veterans Peter Hill (not visible behind Ed), and Lee Tuveson. Eleven members comprised the chapter's unit.

World War II Warrior

Driving Mister Al is Dorothy Campbell; next to her, but not visible, is Chiquitta Thomas.

Donna Minner, Ed and Dorothy Bice, Peter Hill and Lee Tuveson

Left to right: Donna, Ed, Peter, Dorothy B. and Lee.

Dorothy C., Chiquitta and Al

Dorothy C., Chiquitta and Al in chapter member Joan Kaczor's “parade car,” followed by Bill Park and Vicky Donolrio in his classic VW. Pedaling behind them is Paul Schuette on his bike.

Bill Park

Regular parade participants Bill and his ‘beetle’ were also a hit in Crofton’s Armed Forces Day Parade, as were nearly all of the other participants. (Note from the president: These are fun events; will you join us next year?)

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